For the sake of this exercise, we will pretend there is a sharp bettor who Odds Calculator & Converter wins more than 55% of their bets over a prolonged period of time. Sportsbooks will respect their action since they have consistently been shown to place wagers with positive expected value. In this example, we’ll pretend the sharp bettor places a $2,000 wager on Boston College after public money causes the line to move from +9 to +10. In the 2019 college football season’s opener for both teams, Wake Forest defeated Utah State in a crazy rollercoaster of a game. Wake bettors who laid the 3/3.5 points didn’t cash despite the team they backed pulling out the win. A college football money line wager means you’re simply picking a side.

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Indiana passed a bill to allow sports betting in 2019 and wagering started in October with online betting opening a couple months later. This is important because the public is wrong more often than not, which is why sports betting exists. Public money is in reference to the bet percentage, which is different than the money percentage. In the above example, maybe only 25% of the money is on the Chiefs. This means that while there are more bets on the Chiefs, there are bigger bets on the Rams. The best online casinos offer some of the most exciting games.

Users must Enter Bonus Code ‘RISKFREE’ to avail of the offer. Loss on first bet matched up to £15 (Or currency equivalent $15/€15). New customers place £50 worth of bets to receive £20 in free bets. So for -175 you pay $175 to get $100 (in addition of your initial bet $275 in total) and for +225 you get $225 when you bet $100 ($325 in total). Try out an online to check your math when you first get started.

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There is no point spread or other handicap for either team, so if you pick a team and it scores more points than the other team then you win. Obviously there has to be a catch, though, or the bet would be way too simple. The sportsbooks balance their risk by setting different prices on each team. You win a smaller amount than you bet if you pick the favorite, and you generally win more than you bet if you pick the underdog. The stronger the favorite the less you will win, and vice versa. When the point spread was invented in Chicago by Charles McNeil the money line took a backseat.

Maybe the weather forecast changes to heavy rain, and the passing game becomes less important than the running game – that will impact the odds. Maybe one of the star players gets a cold or finds out his spouse is cheating on him – that will impact the odds. Sometimes, when you bet on the winning side, the final score is neither over or under the spread, but exactly the spread itself (for example, if the Chiefs win 7-0).

To figure out profit, multiply the amount you bet by the odds fraction. The money line is a simple wager in which the point spread is not determined. The odds posted on the money line is based on a $100 parameter.

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In order to most effectively use our system, you should play all the games that your handicapper releases and use the units associated with each pick. Doc’s Sports is a family-run business that’s been recognized as one of the leaders and most trusted names in sports handicapping information for nearly 50 years. We hope our open and honest approach will get you in the door. We know our winning picks, exclusive information and excellent customer service will keep you coming back. You are looking for an option within the market that has a greater likelihood of happening than that shown by the available odds.

Once the qualifying bet settles 3x £10 free bets will be awarded. The free bets will expire seven days after they are awarded if they remain unused. The free bets must be selected for use via the checkbox on the betslip. It can be done by anyone able to open an online betting account – that is most adults in the UK and Ireland.

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There’s not just one TAB but hundreds of bookies and online casinos. If you’ve ever heard of people who make money with matched betting, you might think ‘scam’. In football and basketball, the straight bet player has the option to move the point spread 1/2 point to his advantage. The cost of this half point is laying 120, as opposed to 110.